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EVs for Personal and Commercial Use

Rooted in campus, community, and urban mobility, GEM has been the low-speed vehicle (LSV) market leader since 1998, and was the first commercially-produced street-legal LSV in the U.S. For 25 years, GEM has been shuttling people and goods across college and business campuses, city centers, neighborhood communities, and more. GEMs are the answer to alleviating congestion, pollution, and fuel prices in urban mobility.

Personal Use

Leave your gas powered, full-size vehicle in the garage. GEM EVs provide an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, comfortable and fun option for local trips. GEMs cost $0.03/mile in energy and can be charged with standard 110V outlets—the same you'd use to charge your smartphone.

Commercial Use

Safe, sustainable, cost-efficient utility and passenger vehicles for shuttling, property management, groundskeeping, deliveries, housekeeping, security, maintenance and more. Choose from 10 pre-selected work packages and 22 rear options to fit your exact needs.

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