Electrifying Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Since 1981, Tiger heavy-duty tow tractors have been towing cargo, baggage, parcels, and other equipment in ground support applications. Today, Tiger unlocks the benefits of electrification without compromising the job at hand. The newly launched Tiger lithium-ion tow tractors and Tiger Repower conversion kits provide a level of cost-efficiency, sustainability, durability, and safety that hasn’t been realized with traditional ICE options in the market.

Tackle Any Tarmac

With an industry-proven design, familiar parts, power choices and up to 60,000 lb of towing capacity, Tiger can take on the most demanding jobs in aviation and industrial operations.

Not ready to convert to electric? Tiger Gas has the same proven steel body-on-frame chassis and familiar operations as Tiger Li-Ion, but with gas-powered GSE Kubota or Ford powertrains. Join the Tiger family with gas, which will make it easy to convert to electric when you’re ready, on your timeline. 

Are you a dealer?

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